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Posted by / Monday, March 28, 2016 / 4 Comments

Food Tasting - La Taverna

Hey Hey,

I was invited to La Taverna for a spot of food tasting; I was actually invited by Tuke of Tuke's Quest and you know I'm hardly the one to turn down free food :D.

Anyways, as a result of the FX instability, it had become really hard to get a lot of the food items/ingredients required to maintain the current menu...they were either too expensive or not available at all. As a result, the owner of the restaurant, Chef Christian came up with new additions that would be easy to find and afford and got a couple of bloggers/food lovers together to try them out.

I didn't quite catch the name of this cocktail, but as soon as I had a sip I knew I had to have more. It was a mix of Jameson, Ginger, Lemon and 7up I think....simply amazing. If you eat at La Taverna, please make sure you request for this drink.

For starters, the new stuff are Prawn Empanadas, baked potatoes, a Prawn and Calamari dish and a Prawn, Cheese, Carrot, Minced Meat baked dish served in shell.

Prawn Empanadas

Baked Potatoes

Prawn + Carrots + Minced Meat + Cheese in a shell

Prawn and Calamari

The new additions to the mains are the Potato cake, Chicken wrapped in Parma Ham and fried (I think), Mash and Pork Ribs, Rice and Kidney Beans in Green Pepper and Salmon Del Sur

Chicken in Parma Ham served with wasabi

Potato cake

Mash and Pork Ribs

Rice + Kidney Beans in Green Pepper

 Salmon Del Sur

The new addition to the dessert menu, Mango Mousse.

This was my first visit to La Taverna so it was all an experience for me. I hear they have really good pizza, so I'm definitely paying another visit very very soon for the Ham and Cheese Pizza. Oh, and let's not forget that yummy cocktail.



  1. The food looks really nice, how does one get invited to such events?
    I didn't hear about it on Social Media?!

    1. Hi! I think it wasn't advertised because only a few people were invited. You can always go there if any food in the post caught your eye :)

  2. Finally food! They look so good. Take me along next time na, so I don't have to keep scrolling your blog because I want to keep seeing fine fine food wishing I could eat them out from my phone.


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