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Posted by / Friday, June 03, 2016 / 6 Comments

My Favorite Black Skirt


Long time no see/read, right? Work is such a jealous lover, taking up all my time and stuff. The little time I have left is spent at the gym, because summer is almost upon us and the body must be whipped into shape. P.S: anybody need some extra boobies? I would love to give out half of mine. #FullBustGirlIssues
Today's outfit is my typical church outfit...most of the time I swap the blazer with a blouse instead. You can also tell the depth of my love for this skirt right? Right? That's how I love, too much until I overkill. Haha.

Blazer: Mango // Skirt: Debra's grace // Shoes: Topfashionn

Seriously though, how has everyone been? I'm sitting at my desk and dreaming up vacation plans as I type this, what won't I give to sit on the shores of a beach in Seychelles with a cold drink, sand in my shoes and sun in my face. Sigh. Let me get back to reality and back to getting this body ready before vacay time.
Talk soon.


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