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Posted by / Wednesday, July 13, 2016 / 10 Comments


Hi Guys!
This post is a little different; I and Desola of The Dee Mako Blog and Unoma of Vieve Butterfly worked to bring you 3 ways to slay in white and black.

Yeah, we know white and black is pretty overused and can be boring sometimes...which is why we're trying to create a paradigm shift. Not all white and black is boring, as long as the styling's right :)



Top and Skirt: ASOS // Shoes: Konga

I enjoyed this shoot so much because, for once, I got to lament over my "blogger issues" such as location scouting, staring passers-by and dead batteries, with people who actually understood. Don't even get me started on the quest for the perfect(or good enough) pose/picture. Sigh. Struggles.

Make sure you check out Unoma's Blog and Desola's too to see full details of their looks and if you'd like to see more blogger collabs, please say so in the comments section :)

P.S: There's another twist to this look coming soon, don't go too far away :)



  1. Show me your fresh back girl! You ladies look regal, I love the synergy. More more more! Please, what kind of bra are you wearing under that lovely backless top. I have some clothes like that but cant wear them because i need full bra for full support. Le struggle to package the boobage is epic for me. Keep up the good work!

    1. Lol @ fresh back, yes girl! Thanks dupe :)

      It's Wonderbra's Ultimate Push-Up Bra, I really didn't feel like it gave me the support I was looking for but I think maybe I should have gone a size up.

  2. First off, I love this concept and it's so lovely to see bloggers getting together and collaborating. Black and White can never be boring because there are so many ways to wear them. I am so curious too as what bra you had on!!! The back of the top was very unexpected but I absolutely love it!! You all look fabulous. Keep slaying!!...xx

    1. Thanks Liv, it definitely we had so much fun too. About black and white, I know right?

      Weirdly, I hate how the bra makes the top part of the outfit look. I didn't get the lift and support I had hoped for. It's the Wonder Bra Ultimate Push up bra, if you're thinking of getting it. Got it from ASOS:)

  3. You all look so good. I love your skirt, desola's top and unoma's top. Oh where did you get your skin from.?

    1. Thank you hun. Please visit their blogs too. Haha @ skin, I swear it's the camera oh.

  4. You all look gorgeous. Love your skirt, Desola's blouse and Unoma's top as well. x


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