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My birthday was sometime early this month and normally, I'd have shared a list of my wants with my sisters and friends, but this year I didn't want anything in particular...or maybe I just wanted to be surprised. And I was. I got some good stuff (thanks to everyone that got me something, I appreciate the thought behind it far more than the gift itself).

One gift I want to share with you is a customized necklace my amazing sister (hey girl!) got me from Ayo Naledi (@ayonaledi on Instagram). She got herself one some months ago and I guess I must have complimented it enough to spur her to get me one.

I love customized anything, so this necklace was the perfect gift for me...and I haven't stopped wearing it.

As the holidays are just around the corner, if you're looking for a gift for him or her, or a just-because gift (who doesn't like those?), then this is the answer.

**This isn't a sponsored post; I was gifted and I love and wanted to share, especially because a few people have asked me where to get this.




  1. Quite nice. I might get one myself. But how much is it? I checked Instagram and nothing on the price.

    Mira La Belle

    1. Visit the website Price is determined by the length of the word, length and type of metal you want.

  2. I've wanted another name necklace for the longest time. Was stuck between getting this and the gold plated one (since I wear more gold) I'm sha getting one soon

    1. You should...would have loved the gold (not plated) one but men that price isn't from here oh. Don't know how well the gold-plated will hold so I'm on the fence.


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