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Posted by / Monday, December 26, 2016 / 2 Comments

Let's go a-thrifting



an item, usually pre-loved or gently-used, bought for a cheap or cheaper than usual price at a thrift shop or market.

Have you ever heard (or most likely read) a blogger or someone else say some item they own was thrifted? And that's it. Like, really? I follow a lot of them on IG and read blogs and when it's time to reveal deets on their outfit, all I get is thrifted. At this point I'm like, what does that even mean? Are you freaking kidding me? Is that all the information I get. get my drift.

The one that annoys my soul the most is in this country, you're sitting there telling me thrifted. That's fine, but can you just tell me where you got this thing and stop hiding behind thrifting? It really pains my heart.

Anyhow, today's post is me showing you guys a "thrifted" item. I was driving home one day and my straying eyes landed on this little purse hanging outside a stall, alongside many others, in Census market, Surulere. This was a Friday night. I mentally noted it in my head and promised myself I'd stop by the next day but life happened and I forgot. Fast forward to the next weekend, I was going home again and saw the same bag...I knew it was meant for me and wasted no time in buying it.

The sweetest part? It cost me N1,500. And it's such a beautiful color too :)

You can buy vintage or pre-loved items from Tejuosho market, Lagos Island, and like me, some corner shops in your neighborhood.




  1. I am 100% with you on this. I just want to know where! Tejuoso is definitely one of the best places to thrift sha.


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