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Posted by / Tuesday, December 13, 2016 / 4 Comments

The Silver Surfer & Other Stories

Hey hey...

You're probably feeling well rested from the long weekend/holiday, but I could do with another one right now. Spent it running from one wedding to church to other events, I just need a day off to sleep. How did yours go? Do any fun stuff?

In other news, how're you bringing your year to a close? Writing new year resolutions and such? Want me to share mine with you? Maybe in another post. 

If you'd asked me to describe the silver surfer to you, this is what I'd envision in my mind. I never knew I had a thing for silver, but it's so shiny and appealing, what's not to love? 

Can we discuss my love for pleats though? Ok maybe in another 'nother post. LOL (my sense of humor is wack, forgive).

Anyhow, today's outfit was hurriedly thrown together. After trying it on, I almost took it off on account of my baby (food) bump but we thank God for this denim jacket shrug-style inspiration a la Kim K. It helped hide some of my imperfections.

Denim Jacket: Dorothy Perkins // Funnel neck top & Silver Pleated Skirt: Primark // Block heel shoes: ASOS




  1. Love everything! 😍

  2. Looking good as always. You have such an enviable collection of skirts, and they look good on you.

    1. They're so easy to wear, I think that's the #1 reason for my slight obsession with them.

      Thanks for the kind words, as usual.


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