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Hi Guys!

I don't know when or how I started liking sneakers...maybe Pinterest's to blame for putting them in my face all the time or maybe Michelle of BATB is to blame, one of my favorite bloggers whose sneaker choices are to die for. All I know is, my love for them has got me growing my imaginary collection of sneakers in my head. And because I'm generous like that, I'm sharing the top 5 on my wish list with you.

1. Nike Flyknit Racer: Because these are super cool, simple, oh so fine and did I mention super cool? They come in so many pretty colors but my favorite are the Rainbow and Oreo, they're soooo cute!

 Flynkit Rainbow

 Flynkit Oreo

2. Reebok Classic Leather Trainers: I never thought I'd like anything Reebok, but these babies are so yum. Every color I've seen is amazing...white, silver, bronze, all delicious, but the Rose Gold Pearl are my absolute hands down fave. I think I have a thing for dusty/blush/rose pink hues.

3. Nike Cortez: These are really cute and as simple as sneakers can be. You don't have to be a sneakerhead to rock these; they're so easy and they come in a variety of colors, in leather and velvet. I have a thing for metallic hues and so the bronze ones (pictured below) are easily my fave.

4. Puma Basket Heart: My attraction to this shoes are the big bows; I love that the laces are big and this equals bigger bows I can cute, right?They also come in black patent leather and I think Pink? Not sure but the white are obviously my favorite.

5. Nike Huaraches: You can easily tell by the number of pictures of this I put up that they're my favorite of the lot right? Like, what's not to love about the huaraches? The way they're structured, the amazing colors and blends they come in? What's really not to love? My first love were the bronzine ones that Karrueche's got on (pictured below) then I came across the Militia Green ones (pictured directly below the bronzines) and I'm like, hollup these are too cute. Till I saw the white, be still my beating heart! What's all this, why is Nike doing this to me? 

Which of these do you like? Which sneakers are on your wishlist? I'm really dying to know! :)



***all images sourced via google.

1 comment:

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