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You know that this product must be quite good to make me talk's been a while I did one of these posts.

Notice that I have 2 bottles in the pictures? Yeah, that's how good it is. I was about three quarters out and I didn't want to find myself empty one morning, so I bought another bottle real quick.

As it's name implies, Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade toner is 2 products in one bottle. It does exactly what it says on the bottle; fights acne and prevents them from popping up all over your face and also fades the dark spots/scarring left behind in the past by pimples/acne. 

I've used this for about a month non-stop and I'm not telling lies when I say my spots are really fading....not disappearing, but fading drastically. I believe with constant use, they'll eventually all go away.

Case in point, I had this one big obvious scar on the bridge of my nose from when I was opening the house gate one day and I pulled harder than I realised. The gate hit my nose and I had a nasty cut that healed into a dark scar. The only time it ever disappears somewhat is when I wear foundation, but you'd still see it if you looked closely. Now, thanks to this toner, that scar's gone. 

If you're battling incessant acne or you've dealt with that and just want to get rid of the scars/spots, then this is for you. You can purchase from any Shoprite or Ebeano outlet. Sadly, thanks to the crazy state of the economy, a bottle's up to about N3,500 from N1,700 last year. 

Have you tried this? Any good reviews? Please share.



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