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DOFE goes to Barcelona


This is about to be a long story, so grab some popcorn and a cold drink, sit back and enjoy. 

I and 3 of my colleagues were sent to Spain for work end of February into March and of course, as with any travel (business or leisure) outside Nigeria, we had to get a business visa. Spain is a member of the schengen territory, so we had to get a schengen visa, but we applied through the Italian embassy and so had to go to Spain via Italy. 

We landed in Rome at about 10am and were held by immigration for over 7 hours because we didn't have sufficient proof of stay in Italy. Infact, we were asked to leave the country; the immigration official said we were being deported, gave us some stamped papers and apologised. At this point, I was blank.  I had never before experienced this and didn't know what else to do, so we did our best to contact the office to provide the documentation they wanted (bear in mind this was 10am on a sunday morning and everyone and their mama were in church) while trying to adhere to their no mobile device use policy. See prayer. In 7 hours, I think I prayed more than I've prayed this entire year. It was a real big mess, palms sweaty, heart beating...but God came through for us big time. 

Since we'd spent all that time in the airport, we couldn't do any sight-seeing in Rome. We got the next available flight to Barcelona at 500 euros. When I heard the price, I almost peed my pants. But the alternative was a 48hr trip to Barcelona by train or a 30hr trip by sea, and we had to be at the event we were attending by 9am the next day, so we hustled out the cash.

Even though we had a not so smooth start, the rest of the trip was beautiful and made it all worth it. We got an apartment via Air BnB, my first time doing that and it was bomb...I felt so at home and it was in Avinguda de Gaudi, right in the center of everywhere. One highlight of this trip was this quaint little shop opposite the apartment called Chocolat Box that sold pastries and sweets...we had coffee and croissants, churros and chocolate (a spanish thing, I think, every roadside shop sold them) and gelato when we could brave the cold (it was about 8 degrees in the morning and 12 at the warmest in the afternoon).

Barcelona is amazing; the architecture...beautiful, the people were so friendly, the foooood, the shopping! Totally amazing. I plan to revisit and this time it'll be an Euro tour, then I'll do a proper things to do in europe post maybe. Till then, here's a look at what barcelona really is about.


La Sagrada Familia


 They got my name right :)

And the best Pizza and Sangria I had...ever!


I'll share some of the things I got in subsequent posts. You already saw my Nikes HERE and if you follow me on Instagram, you saw my new tassel loves HERE

I'm currently in Abuja and I know I've promised a million and one times to do a post about what's fun to do here, but this time I gachu guys....I'm really doing it.

If there's anything else you'd like to see or want to see posts on, do let me know.

**all pictures taken with iPhone, pardon the quality but no way was I carrying my DSLR after being warned about the high rate of theft in Spain.




  1. Finally o! Architecture is bananas 😍 I love the outfit with the pleated skirt; so chic!
    I should have begged you to bring macaroons back for me ☹️

    1. And I wanted to bring some back 'cause they were well packaged and would survive the trip. But I decided last minute to stop being a glutton :( Next time mama.

      Architecture, amazing! Pleated skirt is Debra's Grace, they might still have it online.

      Thanks boo :)

  2. Gaudi's gorgeous architecture is one of the things I love most about Barcelona. And the food! I'm sorry you had such a rough start to your trip. 7 hours, my gosh!

    1. Thanks, it was an experience and now I can laugh, but it wasn't funny at all at the time.

      Gaudi's work is so gorgeous! And there's a lot of it I didn't get to see, I'm definitely revisiting! Never knew barcelona was such a beauty.

  3. See food!!! Very nice architecture and you, dear, look good as usual. Patiently awaiting the Abuja posts, and will love you to put up a skincare routine post, and posts on your typical work outfits.

    1. Tolu, the food was good! I literally warned myself to try everything only once!

      The abuja post is surest! Never thought about work outfit posts, I'll definitely work on some.

      Talking about skincare posts, I really should do one...I had a bad skin mishap not too long ago, that should be a good story.

      Thanks for the comment dear :)

  4. Great photos indeed. Greetings!


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