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 You guys!

If I tell you I've had these pictures since December 2016, would you believe me?


I don't even believe me, so I won't blame you if you don't as well.

How I'm sure is, I haven't had my hair in this hairstyle since Christmas of 2016. Plus, I also haven't been able to wear this my one-nation skirt since then as well...on account of it being loose now and what-not (yaaay).

I'm a fan of sweaters. Ok, more like I love them because they keep me from literally freezing to death. I get cold EASILY! It's a genuine problem. I now have sweaters in about 5 colors, in addition to black of course, and I carry one (along with a Pashmina and sometimes a hoodie) everywhere I go. Because, boy scout.

I particularly like this one because of the details on the neckline and the faux stone buttons. Thanks to these, I was able to wear my sweater to church without looking ordinary.

Sweater: random store in Dubai // One-Nation Skirt: DGL // Shoes: Sister's


  1. You're such a beautiful lady, Belinda! You look fabulous and those details on the sweater makes it unique.


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