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I'm probably the happiest person right now...tomorrow's the last day in the month of July and I can't wait to see the month end. I won't even sugar coat it, July hasn't been one of my finest months, so I'm happy to see it end. One thing I'm learning is to not allow my circumstances determine my actions or reactions; instead, I'm reacting the way I want to...thoughtfully and with purpose, despite the circumstances I find myself thrown in.

After losing things important to me, instead of flipping, getting upset or crying, I took deep breaths and told myself to be calm and immediately moved into "what's next?" mode. After being wrongly over taken, I calmed myself down and continued to drive like a normal person even though the smile on my face was a fake one. I found myself slowing down for pedestrians to cross, for cars to go in front of me, rationally explaining to Police Men who wrongly accuse me, rather than shout them down. In summary, I've become a bit more patient and less dependent on material things. I'm still not the best person, but I'm a better person than I was last month. So guess who's grateful for the hardships July brought? *raises right hand*

Anyhoo, this skirt is very close to my heart. I don't get too much wear from it because it's too short for church and other "godly" gatherings, so I wear it on the odd casual outing. 

Here's my spin on dressing it down.

Top: ZARA TRAFALUC // Skirt: Unknown // Shoes: Converse

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