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I used to eat out a lot before I started taking my health and fitness seriously, and I would put up a lot of those posts here. I still eat out once in a while...once in about 2 months or so, but definitely not as much as I used to. Not that I don't like eating out anymore, but apart from the effect on one's account balance, a lot of the food cooked outside aren't exactly weight loss friendly because they're very high in calories. 

I have found that eating clean when I eat out is a big problem; apart from being tempted with too many things I know are bad for me, most restaurants do not have menu options that cater for weight loss or a low calorie lifestyle. Most meals are packed with carbs, too many spices that I cannot identify, oils that aren't healthy and all that. I've also found that it's easier to make my meals myself; I know what I put in and I can count my calories more accurately that way. Plus, there are so many other healthy options/substitutes for most of the things we use while cooking and I'd rather stick with those.

I still love food, that hasn't changed; so rather than go out and share my meals with you, I'll be sharing my cooked meals instead. It'll also give you a better insight into eating healthy, if that's something you're interested in, and convince you that eating clean does not have to be boring AT ALL!

Today's meal is Egg Muffins.

- Eggs (2 whole eggs and 1 egg white)
- Diced Onions
- Tomatoes
- Spinach
- Diced Pepper (Green and Red/Yellow or both if you're like me)
- Shredded Fish/Chicken or or Diced Sausages, depending on the mood of your taste buds at the time.
- Spices (Garlic, Ginger and Cameroun Pepper)
- Salt

1. In a bowl, add salt and spices to your eggs and whisk briskly together.
2. In a muffin tray, put your shredded fish/chicken/sausages (or all 3 if you like) in each muffin cup, add peppers, tomatoes, spinach, onions and finally the raw eggs.
3. Place muffin tray inside the oven and bake for about 15-20mins.

Veggie Sausage Egg Cups

Sardine & Chicken Veggie Egg Cups 

Sardine Egg Cups

The ingredients in this recipe are pretty flexible; you can go as far as adding cheese, kale, or you can make it with the eggs and spices alone...whatever floats your boat really. Just be aware that the more you add, the higher the calories involved. So if you're eating this as a healthy alternative, keep it as simple as possible.



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