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If you watched THIS vlog, the dress in this post will look very familiar to you. if you didn't, please do...especially if you're interested in finding out how much it's sold for.

My favorite color is white and after skirts (or before? I'm not exactly sure now), my favorite thing to wear is a dress, so it was inevitable that I would get the Jacinta bow Dress dress from Things Nigerians Love (TNL) when it became available in-store.

I'm usually not one to show my arms, so you'll always find me wearing a cardi over any sleeveless top/dress (thanks to spending 5 years in a school that didn't allow me wear sleeveless outfits and an acquired desire to cover my chubby armpits) but this time I decided to try it a little differently and it didn't look half bad right?

I was torn between the shoes and sandals; I liked both equally, so here you go :)

Dress: // TNL Jacinta Bow Dress // Slingbacks: Primark // Sandals: New Look // Earrings: Raya Jewellery 

There's a giveaway coming soon, probably in the next post or so, so look out for that.




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