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Hey Guys!

One of the things I learned recently (I would have really liked to say since I turned 30 because it just sounds sweeter and makes me look older and wiser...haha! But that was 2 days ago and to be honest this revelation or mind shift did not happen in 2 days) is that I cannot come and kill myself. This might probably be my 2nd motto for this baby girl life; if you don't know the first motto, please watch this video HERE

Let me be more specific; I cannot come and kill myself on top friendship. If you're Nigerian, this phrase needs no get it. If you're not, in simpler terms, I will not allow anything stress me out; in this case, friendships.

I used to be one to take pride in pleased me to no end to have and keep all my friends. As I grew older, I met crazier people and our personalities did not gel well. Still, because I felt like I needed to be that person that everyone could get along with or that everyone liked, I put up with crap that I genuinely didn't have to. I think it was in 2011/2012 that I finally truly played myself by letting one friend mess with me and at the end of the day I was like, Belinda how did you let this go this far? By not knowing when to let go.

Now I'm the queen of letting go and moving on. My philosophy is very simple: Ride for those who ride for you. Hey, I can even do the riding first. But if you consistently don't show up for me when I need you, I just *singing* cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it... because *SingingInBigSeanVoice* I don't f$#& with little stupid...

There are too many songs to help me buttress my point, so we'll just stop here.

You don't need too many friends in your life, you don't need the drama that bad friends bring. If a few people are in your corner and can stan for you, great! Oh, and you know that BS saying "you can't sit with us" ? Forget it! Be open to new friendships while you're ditching the old bad ones. But if your friends stress you out, are selfish and are not helping you grow or be better, do not call you out when you act foolishly, repeatedly make you feel small or low, try to prove they're better/smarter/richer than you and reduce your self-esteem...*singingInBeyVoice* (last song I promise!!!!) tell 'em BOY, BYE!

Top: H&M // Leggings: Balogun Market // Shoes: Vans



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