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Hi Guys,

Never have I ever experienced the word "restoration" so literally. I mean, I thought I understood it in the "spiritual" sense and I believed it too, but I experienced it in the most literal and basic way that it gave me a clear understanding of how God works.

I lost my Pandora Bracelet and Apple Watch in June this year to a home robbery and for the first 10 minutes, I was upset and mad. In that 10 minutes, I was mentally calculating the loss and it was so painful. The bracelet alone at that point (plus with about 6 plus charms) was over N200,000 and the watch cost a little above that as well; so we're talking half a million naira in 1 day. Hian.

But 10 minutes passed and I just let it go and was thankful that no one was hurt.

Fast forward 5 months to November and I was gifted another Pandora bracelet and also another Apple watch, a newer model, from my friends and family for my birthday. Isn't that restoration? 

"God, your God, will restore everything you lost; he'll have compassion on you; he'll come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered." 
                            - Deut. 30:3 (The MSG)

Let's look beyond the material; you might have lost something unquantifiable...maybe your mind, your sanity, your health, your job, your relationship, a member of your family, a friend...but God is clearly still in the business of restoration. If he did it before and if he did it for me with things that money can buy, he can do it again and even restore things money can't buy. He has not changed, he's still the same God. Have faith in his word and keep confessing it, it will surely come to pass.



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