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Posted by / Tuesday, November 07, 2017 / 4 Comments

On Turning 30: The Year of the Baby Girl

Hey Guys!

Turning 30 is something that's  been on my mind almost all year and as the date got closer, the greater my anxiety.

Typically, I'm one to get the birthday blues where you question yourself and wonder if you're just existing or living. There's always something to beat myself up about so birthdays weren't always exactly happy all day for me.

This year though, as the day got closer, I started feeling very different. I'm not really one to do the whole photoshoot thing, throw a wild themed party or anything of that sort. Besides, I just got back from a vacation so my wants and my account balance aren't even speaking the same language to be honest. I feel happy, like genuinely happy. I'm feeling blessed and thankful; for the best family and friends, a good job, happy that I get to do what I actually love, meet new and amazing people, happy that I can afford to travel sometimes, happy that I have an amazing father who loves me and blesses me daily.

I talk a lot more about my thoughts and plans for 30 HERE You should definitely check it out.

It feels like 30 came and brought with it so much hope and possibilities. I'm not throwing a party and my life is certainly not perfect, but today I'm celebrating life.

This is my 30; the year of the baby girl. Just like Toke Makinwa, I'm living the baby girl life from now onwards.

Who wants to baby girl with me?


  1. Awwwww Happy birthday dear. Cheers to a glorious and fruitful year!!! #issababygirlforlife

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I'm November born too, on the 8th to be precise. Better years ahead for us both.

    1. Thank you! And Amen!

      I’m 7th, we’re almost Birthday mates :D

      Hope you had an amazing day!


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