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Hi Guys!

I was in Abu Dhabi for 2 nights; one of those nights I stayed at the Southern Sun. I had dinner at their Balcon Terrace; it's a lounge/shisha bar where you can have light eats and drinks and shisha too.

This is my spot! If I had to pick a place to forever chill, this would be it. Each party/person can choose between a regular table or sit in a canopied lounge/bed setup with pillows and a small high table and this is what I chose. I lay there, had shisha, "small chops", read a novel and enjoyed the outdoors.

I've heard a lot about the shisha room in Lagos and I think they have something similar, but I've never been so I can't categorically say.

Let the pictures do the talking.

 View from my room

 Spiced Potli Samosa with Mint Yoghurt Raita - 12dhs (approximately N1,200)

Tokyo Hummus, Shishito Pepper, Ricecracker served with different types of bread - 18dhs (approximately N1,800)

I ate from the Nano section, small plates of Tokyo Hummus, Shishito Pepper, Ricecracker served with different types of bread and because I wanted to try something different, I also got the Spiced Potli Samosa with Mint Yoghurt Raita. 

Quality/Taste/Culinary experience: The Hummus was really good as expected, serving it with different types of bread was a nice extra that I quite enjoyed...regular arab flatbread, wheat bun, another bun with nuts and grains and then one that had some chill and raisin fillings. Too good!

The shishito pepper was hardly peppery, to my nigerian taste buds at least, but it lended a nice flavor to the hummus. The rice cracker on the other hand...I loved it so much, I almost asked for more. A 9/10 from me.

Ambience/Atmosphere: The outdoor area was low-lit, quiet pool side kinda music was playing and with the candles on each table and in the pool, the ambience was really chill. 10/10.

Service: The service was spot on; from taking my order to more orders to clearing up and bringing the bill. Another 10/10 from me.

Variety: There's a limit to how varied a "light eats" menu can be but these guys did a good job. 8/10.

Pricing/Affordability: In total, I paid 30dhs (N3,000) and I was very full because I got extra servings of bread when I ran out and still had a healthy amount of hummus. One might be scared to eat here; you'd expect it to be exorbitantly priced, being in the southern sun and all, but anyone can afford to eat here...there's something for every wallet type and I love that. Another unsurprising 10/10.

An average of 9.4/10...definitely a must visit if you find yourself in Abu Dhabi.



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