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Life can be tough when you're not a size 8/10 yanah?

Like, all the great clothes, all the great jeans, all the great everything always come in size 8/ least that’s how I feel. Finding mom jeans that fit me properly has been a struggle. Either too snug at the waist or too short/jumpy. I still can’t say I’ve found “the one”, but I’ve found very alright substitutes so I’m managing.

My friend bought jeans that ended up being too big for her, so they became mine. I wasn’t too impressed by them the first time I tried them on, but now I think we’re understanding each other. 

Oh, and so that I don’t post a half naked blog post, I threw on a gingham shirt and tassle earrings and shoes. 

What do you guys think about this look?

Shirt: F21 // Jeans: Gifted // Shoes: DGL // Earrings: H@M


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