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Guys, I've found my color! 

Blush! You can't tell me nothing.

Anyways, let's really talk. I know we're 33 days into the new year, still I don't think it's too late to say Happpppppppyyyyyy Newwwwwww Yeaaaaarrrrrrr!

See ehn, life will always be life...steady throwing you curveballs and things. I'm not going to make excuses for that; when I need to take a break, I will. If I can let you know, I will. If I can't, please bear with me and know that I'll always come back eventually.

I had a helluva January! Don't ask me what happened, instead, ask what didn't. As I type, I'm getting ready to take day 9's malaria and typhoid pills...uggghhhh. Still, I'm thankful and still standing and I'm super excited about this chance to set some goals for 2018 and smash them.

How have you been? How's 2018 been so far? I really want to know. Let's talk in the comments :)

Dress: Debra's Grace N14,500 // Shoes: Mango N15,000 // Earrings: Raya Jewellery N17,000



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