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Imagine being in the middle of a time lapse. Everything is moving very fast on you left and on your right. People are growing, graduating, getting married, having kids on one hand, on the other, they're laughing then crying, falling sick and dying on the other.

And you're still stuck, not moving...or maybe moving in slow mo.

That's how I feel.

Like life is passing by quickly and I've barely taken a step.

Compared to the beginning of the year when everything seemed to be going wrong and I felt like I was taking backward steps, I guess I should be step is better than backward steps right?


At this point, it has sort of become a prayer point. It's funny how the things we pray about change as we grow older/face different situations/get into different phases in life. That's life I guess.

How do you step out of stuck?

Top: Fashpa // Leggings: Balogun // Bag & Slippers: Random shop in Dubai // Earrings: ALDO

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  1. I really like your fashion style. And that purse looks too cute. I would love to buy it right away.


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