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I'm afraid of fear. I have realised how tightly it holds and paralyzes.

I had just changed into my workout gear and was trying to work out a compound routine in my head for the evening's workout. Of course, I had to look through WhatsApp quickly...respond to all my messages so I could focus on my workout. That was when I saw the messages about the tanker that spilled fuel on the Otedola link bridge, people asking if everyone was safe. Immediately I entered full panic mode...when I'm in panic mode, my breathing sloooooowsssss doooowwwwnnnn, everything seems like it's in slow motion and I become clumsy AF. I start calling my sister (she works around that area) then I remember she was away for work, I end the call.Then I call my Dad, he rides that route every other day and I just need to know that he's ok. He picks and all is well.

I sit in my car, watch the videos again and cry. How are people trying to get home and just like that, their lives end? So unfair. After that, getting into my car and driving anywhere was such a scary thing for me. I'd always think, Belinda, what if you get into an accident on your way to work or back? I started staying home more often; it was a lot safer. 

I talked to my friend, and turned out, in the wake of that accident, she also started feeling the same way. Fear is such a terrible thing; once you give in to it, it will rule and ruin your life. She talked about how she's had to remind herself that she cannot live in fear because she knows God's plans for her aren't to hide away and not live a full life, and she reminded me of the no longer a slave to fear really helped me at that time.

Dress: @shop_fss (IG) / Shoes: Mango / Earrings: Aldo

There will always be things to be afraid of; death of self or a loved one, losing a job, doing something new. If you find any of these bothering you, remember that you're a child of God and he wants you to live your absolute best life, even if all you have left of that life is 1 hour. 

I believe there will be so many opportunities for us to take advantage of this year, don't let fear stop you from experiencing an amazing year.

Happy New Year!



  1. I totally feel you on fear, and with all the mass shootings in the US, sometimes I get paranoid. If I am on the metro, I start thinking that someone will shoot, and I start planning an escape route in my head. I have just come to the conclusion that everyone will die at some point in this life and I can't let fear keep me from living and experiencing the present.

    Lovely outfit.

    1. The fear is REAL!!! It's crazy! @everyone will die at some point, This helps me too, coming to terms with it makes it less scary and easier to actually live.

  2. It is wonderful that you worked on yourself with regards to overcoming the fear. This feeling can be present for various reasons. It is not right


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