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It's that time of the year again, when the people "On Bae" start looking for creative gifts to express their love for their Baes. However, whether you're on bae or not, you can still appreciate someone who means a lot to you this season and I'm here with some great gifts I think will make anyone feel special:

If all else fails, you can go with the regular chocolates, flowers, balloons, perfumes, watch, etc, but if you’re interested in gifting your significant other something special, this list is for you:

1. Customised Mug and Wine/Drink Bottle: Look up @aregen_ on IG.

2. Customised VDay Card or Book with X reasons why I love you: Again, @packnpop have got you covered. Or you can just buy an album or journal and create your own scrapbook type thing.

3. Photo Album with your pictures from the day you both met/started dating till the present, each picture should have a little description beside it with a memory of that day/point when the picture was taken.

4. Customised table-top calendar, a different picture of both of you for each month of the year: Not to sound like a broken record but @aregen_ ladies and gentlemen.

5. Goodie Box/Basket with a couple of his/her favorite things: A little Box or Basket with a "World's Best Boyfriend/Husband Mug, a Picture frame of the both of you, beaded bracelet with his/her nickname/initials.

6. Pandora Bracelet with a Love/Heart charm, or the charm alone if she already has a bracelet.

Image result for pandora bracelet with heart charm"

7. A weekend staycation at an affordable hotel/resort: Epe resort, getaway to Cotonou or Ouidah, Benin Republic. 

Image result for epe resort and spa"

Hope I was able to help with an idea or two.



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