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Posted by / Tuesday, February 11, 2020 / 4 Comments


I went from not owning any proper pants (that aren’t Culottes or Jeans or Leggings) to becoming the proud owner of this Zara Pants that I absolutely love so much.

When I tried them on in-store, I didn’t love them but I’d wanted them for so long after seeing them all over IG. I mean, how could I just drop them? Especially after going to 4 different malls to find them. Took a picture and sent to my family whatsapp group just so they could validate my decision to drop them, and yeah they did but thanks to spotty network and all, I had already paid.

The plan was to find something else and swap for that instead, but I went back to the hotel, tried them on with a T-shirt and it didn’t look half bad. 

I’m happy I didn’t return them because I really really like them and I’ve received so many compliments since wearing them.

What do you guys think?


  1. I love your beautiful pants, I love this color. Thank you a lot for submitting the article over here. I will be surely following this tradition.

  2. Ahhh!! You took my heart. I love your fashion so much!

  3. Great fashion resource. What blogger template you are using pls?


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