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I was taking a bath this evening when I figured out what I was going to blog about today. Family.

Then I realised that my last 3 "topics" have been F words. How coincidental.

I was going to tell you a story and relate it to the importance of Family and all that, but at this very moment, I'm Netflix and chilling with my sisters and I really want to be in the moment and enjoy it.

I love my family very much and I wouldn't trade them for anything, every single one of them with their flaws. They couldn't be more perfect for me if I handpicked them myself. I'm grateful for the lockdown because we got to stay in the same space for weeks, bonding over food, movies and just surviving. Considering 2 of my sisters are married, it felt like a gift and I'm glad we got that time before everyone went back to their busy lives.

Today, I'm thankful for family. 

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