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I'm thankful for GREAT friends that make life so much easier. You know them, the ones that even though you had a mad argument, will still make sure you're taking your meds and you're fine. Like, you don't have to be in the best place in your relationship to still be loved.

I'm thankful for family, the best type a girl could ever ask for; the type that show up for you when you're in need and love you when you're in the worst place and shape of your life.

I'm thankful for a lover that loves me totally, intentionally, loves every part of me from my crooked toes to my underbite and argumentative self.

I'm thankful for the love of God, for his mercy that cannot be explained.

I'm thankful for his provision; a good job, food on my table, bills paid...he really takes care of everything for me.

I'm thankful, I have so many reasons to be. I hope we never run out of reasons to be thankful.



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