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Today I was scrolling through the 'gram and I was looking at the "Suggested for you" drop down and  I clicked and landed on a nice looking page, great aesthetics and all. Not sure why the follower count caught my eye, because it never does, but I saw that she had 9,999 followers.

After like a minute, it clicked to me that if I followed her, I would be her 10,000th follower and she would become part of the #SwipeUpGang. You're probably thinking, that's quite superficial...does it put money on the table? Well maybe it does for her, or maybe it doesn't. What's important to know is, for most content creators there's a lot of hard work, planning, strategising and implementing said strategy that goes into growing and providing value to a community and every chance I get, I choose to celebrate the, make life easier for them in every way I can. Especially as someone who has struggled with growth and being consistent. I know the feelings of inadequacy, wanting to give up, actually giving up but falling back in love again.

So I clicked the follow button, watched it turn to 10k and let out a happy squeal and a little dance. I felt like I'd just given her a gift and it was such a super happy moment for me.

In this current clime and with the spate of bad news we receive on a daily basis, sadness everywhere, I'm choosing to take my happiness anywhere I find it, in whatever form. Helping someone hit a 10k follower goal/milestone, having no acid reflux all day even after eating 2 whole meals, seeing the sun after 3 days of constant rain, neck hugs and kisses on my cheek from my niece. These are my happiness.



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