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Sooo...I braided my hair myself. Yup. Like my entire head of hair, I put it all in braids.

It's probably not a big deal to you but to me it's such an achievement. I've wanted to do this since the lockdown started but oh the fear. I was worried that I would start and not be able to finish because I was tired or it looked horrible. I didn't trust myself to finish it so I kept putting it off.

I kept seeing people with their hair in braids and one day I just decided to go for it. Worst case scenario, I won't finish it and have to go around with half-done hair right? I went to the supermarket, bought the hair extensions, "pulled" them and got busy.

I won't tell you lies, I sort of cheated so it would be easier for me:

1. I made the braids big so that I'd be done faster.
2. I made them a little bit shorter than I would have liked too.

All in all, I think I did pretty well and it's something I see myself doing over and over again. Yes even after Corona.

The most obvious lesson from the story is that you can achieve anything you want to, as long as you decide that you can. Most likely, you'll achieve it.

I'm definitely looking for new things to try out, I love using my hands.

I'll let you know what other adventures I get up to :)



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