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Heyyy You,

I was reading some old blog posts, like where I shared the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me and I thought it's been a while since I shared anything personal.

Started digged into my memory for something to share with you today and then...nothing. Wow. Guys, I think I'm too mature. It's like I've stopped doing nonsense things. I can't believe this. LMAO.

But I have one today sha, from when my life seemed like an episode of , constant chaos everywhere.

So many years ago, I was dating this guy and we were having some problems. I talked to one of my "friends" about it and she gave me advice and all that, but the problem got really bad. This is where I made a mistake, I got her involved. I think we created a group chat on BBM and she attempted to help settle it. End of the day, nothing was really settled and we broke up a few weeks after that. Fast forward to about a month later, I found out that my "friend" came to Lagos (she lived in Portharcourt at the time) and met up with my ex-boyfriend, on the grounds that we had broken up at the time. She never mentioned this me, but my ex and I got back together and during a conversation we were having, he let it slip. He claimed nothing funny happened but those 2 weren't to be trusted then or even now, so they could have lied.

Till today, I can't really say how I got tangled in that mess. How I dated someone so foolish and how I was friends with such a horrible person but I think my judgement back then was really off. I know that I'm a way better judge of character now.

Moral of the story: One, be mindful of who you share your problems with. Two, Consider the Pros and Cons of bringing a 3rd party into your relationship one million times over because that person can F you up totally. And three, if your "boyfriend" and "friend" ever do something as foolish as this, un-boyfriend him and "un-friend" them ASAP ok?

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