Sunday Funday

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hey Hey,

I had a really crazy weekend...every minute was spent doing something and I barely got a chance to breathe and just take it all in. It's no surprise that I'm already counting down to the weekend :D

After church on Sunday, I stopped by the Palms and attended the launch of the VR by Mobos Label with my friend and fellow blogger Jibby of Fashion Addicts United. We had fun even though we were there for such a short period of time 'cause I had to rush back home, family function and all. 

Dakore Akande, the popular hollywood actress was chosen to be the face of the brand and I believe she'll make the Label proud.

Everytime is Selfie time :)

Jibby's outfit...those shoes *drools*

Blouse: Max @ The Palms N5,000 // Jeans: Budding Blue N7,000 // Sandals: ASOS // Bag: Zara (Gift)

Kimono Love

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hope you had a good holiday/weekend. I spent mine chilling with family and friends...and yesterday, my friend had a photoshoot for her makeup business, so I volunteered (lies! she kidnapped) my face to beat. 

Lol! I'm the worst model ever! Like, I literally warned them of my unwillingness to co-operate from the beginning and I pretty much sat like a log of wood throughout the entire shoot. Sigh. If you're a model, I have a lot of respect for you..."posing" is such hard work, especially for a camera-shy person like me. 

Anyways, as soon as I get the professional pictures, I'll post them up here. While you wait for those, see pictures of what I wore below. P.S: What's not to love about bright-coloured kimono??

Kimono: Stall @ Mente de Moda // Shoes: Converse // Jeggings: Balogun Market // Cami: F21 // Neckpiece: Mango 

Anyone notice the breakouts on my face yet? I have NO IDEA what caused them. My foundation or powder? Change in diet/food habits? Cream/Soap? I'm literally lost and so I don't know what to stop or where to begin treating.



Healthy Parfait

Friday, July 17, 2015


This is another meal you can make with Oats...well Granola actually, but Granola is made from Oats so all join. I know Parfaits are all the rage now and most people know how to make them, but for those that don't, this is for you.

A parfait is typically a dessert consisting of layers of ice-cream, fruit, whipped cream and topped with syrup. To make this healthy enough for everyday consumption, you can replace whipped cream and ice-cream with yoghurt and the syrup with maple syrup or honey.

Ingredients:     * Yoghurt
                          * Granola
                          * Fruits
                          * Coconut flakes
                          * Chia seeds (1 tablesppon)
                          * Maple syrup/Honey

How To:
1. Layer your jar or glass until full, starting with a layer of granola, then a layer of yoghurt, then fruit, then coconut flakes and chia seeds. 
2. Repeat all over again until the jar is fruit and top with fruits.
3. Drizzle honey over the top and serve.

 My yoghurt was a bit runny, so it doesn't look so good in the picture. Typically, you should see each layer distinctly.

And that's all folks.