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Cold Shoulder

Monday, June 20, 2016

I don't wear skirts everyday, believe it or not. I like my Jeans and I wear them quite a lot too. It occurred to me that it's a side of my outfits you guys don't see here often, so I thought I'd dress it up a bit for the blog and share with you.

Top & Jean: Primark // Shoes: Top Fashion

Confession: Since I got these shoes, I've worn them twice only...here on the blog. They're pretty high and I dunno how to walk in them :(
Any tips for a stiletto struggler like me?


My Favorite Black Skirt

Friday, June 03, 2016


Long time no see/read, right? Work is such a jealous lover, taking up all my time and stuff. The little time I have left is spent at the gym, because summer is almost upon us and the body must be whipped into shape. P.S: anybody need some extra boobies? I would love to give out half of mine. #FullBustGirlIssues
Today's outfit is my typical church outfit...most of the time I swap the blazer with a blouse instead. You can also tell the depth of my love for this skirt right? Right? That's how I love, too much until I overkill. Haha.

Blazer: Mango // Skirt: Debra's grace // Shoes: Topfashionn

Seriously though, how has everyone been? I'm sitting at my desk and dreaming up vacation plans as I type this, what won't I give to sit on the shores of a beach in Seychelles with a cold drink, sand in my shoes and sun in my face. Sigh. Let me get back to reality and back to getting this body ready before vacay time.
Talk soon.

Soldier Girl

Saturday, May 07, 2016


I found myself in a store a few days ago looking for a dress to wear for a wedding today. I didn't find anything, or more like I did but they were too expensive to consider actually buying, but I found this camo print shirt which was just N3,000...of course I was there for that.

When I was buying it, I pictured it with jeans or leggings...'cause it has a longer than usual hem. But here I am wearing it with a skirt :D

Shirt: NY&Co. // Skirt: Coast // Shoes: Konga

Who wants some of these cheeks? Come and take abeg, so I can be great. Haha.