Wednesday, 19 November 2014

D.O.F.E goes to the U.A.E.

Heyyy People!

I took some time off work last month for some much needed R & R...and I went to Dubai. This was my second time visiting. The first time, I went with friends but this time I went alone.

People kept asking why, trying to discourage me, insisting that I'll be bored and lonely. I'm used to doing things alone, traveling alone was a first and I'm all for firsts...besides, I was pretty sure I could do it and I did. It was a great experience and I'll do a post on reasons why you should travel alone for all ye chickens. Hehe.

Wild Wadi Water Park:

The Wild Wadi was the last place we visited and the highlight of my whole stay in dubai. Ticket for one adult cost 295AED and we bought food of about 105AED, totaling 400AED (1AED = approx), so almost N19,000 which I would say is kinda pricey, but totally worth it. We went on all the rides, some twice and some just once 'cause I was scared. Lol. 

If you do go to Dubai, please please please I beg you, do not leave without visiting Wild Wadi or its alternative, Aquaventure (at the Atlantis), I hear that's pretty neat too.

Fisho Spa:
Fisho Spa is also in the Wild Wadi Park and it's basically a foot massage where lots of tiny Gararufa fish eat off the dead cells on your feet. It was sooooooo weird and ticklish, I just kept laughing till I could not take it any more. It lasts for 30mins but I only survived 15mins in the tub. Lol. It cost 50AED and I would say do it!

Desert Safari:
I was not exactly thrilled at the thought of riding round the desert staring at sand and more sand, but my friends were psyched about it and it was free for me so I went anyways. It was amazing! We rode till we started to feel slightly nauseous and begged the guide to give us a break. We then went on a very short amel ride (another weird bumpy ride), smoked shisha and had dinner under the stars, while watching belly dancers perform their magic. 

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Waterfall, Dubai Mall

The ceiling in the Dubai Mall

Ski Dubai

Dubai Mall

Abu Dhabi:
Ferrari World

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Food


The mirrorfies/OOTD:

Asides from these, I visited the musuem, went on a Dhow Cruise, toured the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and learnt their history, went to the jumeirah beach, shopped literally till I dropped, among other stuff.

Dubai is an amazing city, you will need to visit at least once, if you already haven't.The people do not sleep! Like, sometimes I took long walks at 2am (I stayed in a busy part of town so I was safe), there were people everywhere and the supermarkets and fast food shops were open. The one thing I didn't do which I wish I had was swim with the dolphins. I hear that's a pretty awesome experience too. If you do go, please do it.

Anything/place I missed? Any reason for me to pay another visit? Share share!



5 Things to do before you go Shopping


You guys agree with me that a lot of times we just get up and go shopping. No prior planning, no thought to it. As much as I agree with the "Just do it" philosophy, I'd say prepare and then do it. 

I am such a big planner and list writer. OMG, I love writing lists. Sometimes the planning process is more fun than the actual event…it requires more work, thought and is more time consuming, while the actual event might be over in minutes…*sigh*. Shopping too requires planning, so you don’t wander around aimlessly or buy unnecessary things.

Before you hit the shops, here are 5 things you must totally do: 

1. Tidy:  You need to tidy up and organise your wardrobe. This gives you an idea of the stuff you need and those you do not. It also helps show you what sort of style you lean towards and if your personality shows through your style. Most importantly, it shows up those clothes you’ve always been looking for and have not worn in a while, or that new skirt that mysteriously disappeared. Yeah.  

2. Sort: Sort out your clothes, those that have not been worn in the past 6 months and those pieces you wonder why you bought in the first place can be given away. Yes, we all have at least one of those. 

3. Mend: Mend all clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery that can be fixed/mended. This way you get more use out of the items you thought were useless and you save money for the more important and essential things. 

4. Wash: Do your laundry! You’ve most likely forgotten the jeans you’ve been looking everywhere for at the bottom of your laundry basket. 

5. Budget: You need to decide how much of your monthly budget you are willing to spend on clothes et al…and you must be reasonable too. As nice as shopping and buying new stuff are, you need to save some and have enough to survive on.

As soon as you do all these, you are more than ready to kick back and shop till you drop.

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Monday, 10 November 2014

The Foodie: Pattaya Oriental Restaurant

Hi Guys!

If you do not know anything about me already, I'm pretty sure you know one thing: I LOVE food. 

I love to eat and sometimes I go out to try food I haven't before, revisit my favorite places or just simply chill and eat for the sake of it. I want to share this with you guys and hopefully it's useful when you want to eat out.

Pattaya Oriental Restaurant is located at 30, Adeola Hopewell street, Victoria Island, Lagos...a couple of buildings away from the Nigerian Law School. I have been to Pattaya a couple of times in the past...birthday dinners, date nights...but this time I went for myself. And the blog of course. I went alone, as is fast becoming my usual practice.

I got there at about 5:02pm, made my order at about 5:08pm and chilled for my food. I ordered 2 portions of Prawn Spring Rolls (2 pieces per portion for N850) as appetizer and a large glass of Chapman (N900 or N1,000, I can't remember).

For the mains, I ordered the Talay Pad Char (stir fried seafood with freshly crushed chillies and garlingale served in a hot plate for N3,950) alongside half portion each of Khao Pahd Koong (fried rice with prawns for N1,875) and Khao Pahd Moo (fried rice with chicken for N1,875).

So, let's talk business. I'd rate each parameter over 10, then find an average to determine the real score.

Quality/Taste/Culinary experience: The people of Pattaya know what good food should taste like. Please! I can still taste the yummy prawn rolls and that amazing sauce. Dear Lord, 10/10 please!

Ambience/Atmosphere: Great atmosphere, clean environment, quiet and private. Great place to chill and have drinks and catch up with friends. 9/10

Service: In terms of courteous and polite staff, I'd say great service. However, it took almost 50mins for my food to be served after I made my order, so service in my opinion dropped to a low of 3/10. I get that everything needs to taste fresh, but at the cost of your guests walking out the door? Nah mehn. They need to do a lot of work on that.

Variety: There was a lot of variety as regards the menu, from Duck to Chicken, Fish, Crab, Lobster, Prawn and Beef meals. Solid 10/10.

Pricing/Affordability: In total, I paid N12,000+, inclusive of service charge, for a meal of one. Can the average lagosian afford to eat here? Most definitely not. I cannot afford to eat out much if I have to pay N12,000 each time I do. However, this meal would have satisfied 2 people 'cause I could not eat up to half of it and trust me, I tried. I took the rest home and my mum had a feast. So next time I'd probably eat half of what I had and pay about N6,000 which is pretty much ok but still slightly above average. So for pricing, I'd rate Pattaya 5/10.

On the average, Pattaya stands at 7.4/10. Would I go back? Yes, definitely.



Jewellery Haul

Hi Guys!

Happy Monday! How's yours going?

As promised, my first haul post. 


- Aldo Neckpiece: Everyone needs a statement piece that will make even the most ordinary outfit pop. I bought this on sale for 30AED ( approx N1,410, N47/1AED)...Lord knows I love a good sale, I'm not even shy I always head straight for the sale section before I check the regular stuff out.

- Koton Neckpiece: I'd never heard of this store but as an ever faithful window shopper, no harm in looking. Bought this for 49AED.

- Purple Earrings: Bought this for 59AED from H&M.

- Owl Bracelet: Got this for 50AED from Dorothy Perkins. I have a thing for owls, so when I see any jewellery with them, I pretty much must have it. I also like that it's thin and can be worn all day without feeling heavy. 

- Pearl Bangle: I also bought this for 50AED but from Topshop. 

- Rings: Forever 21(19AED), Aldo (30AED), H&M (26AED)

- Badges: Virgin store...I honestly cannot remember how much.

So...that's it. Hope you enjoyed this post. More up soon :)



Sunday, 2 November 2014

Girl in a Green Skirt

Hi Guys!

Guess whose holiday is over? *weeps*

Back to work tomorrow, back to my regular blog posts, generally back to my reality and the craziness that typically follows.

Hauls to follow as promised, but first a little OOTD. This is what I wore last night to the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2014 (minus the shoes) and also to church this morning. Yes, I do stuff like that -____-

Top: Dorothy Perkins (60dhs) // Skirt: Random Shop (N4,000) // Belt: Bershkha (75dhs) // Shoes: Indigo (N4,950) // Neckpiece: Koton (49dhs) // Sunnies: Splash (free...haha) // Crossbody; Mango (N5,000)

(1dhs is approximately N47 at the moment)

Have an amazing week ahead guys, I sure will.


Monday, 27 October 2014


Hi Guys,

Happy Monday!

I'm currently on vacation (hence the happy Monday bit) and have not been able to post much. I'm eating so much (Lord help me!) and taking so many pictures...cannot wait to share with you guys. Plus so many haul posts (and maybe video if I can) coming up.



Monday, 13 October 2014

MM: Be Extra

Hello Guys,
As you all probably know, I work in a Bank and I interface with a lot of customers on a regular basis. I have this one customer that inspires me a lot for one single reason; he's never afraid to try. For the purpose of this post, we can call him Chief.
Chief started his business at an early age. He was not fortunate enough to have the best education and he was not close to being born with a silver spoon but he worked hard and pushed to get where he is today, which is a quite fantastic place if I do say so. Every time I get to visit him, he talks about his business plans. One thing remains the same, his plans always change. Today he wants to do this, tomorrow it wasn't working out so he's doing that instead. The day after tomorrow that worked, so he's adding this to it. He does not stop when he fails, he analyses, adjusts and moves on to the next thing.
It's easy to come up with so many different ideas/plans, but how many of us actually take the next step, which is execution, setting those plans in motion? It's in our nature as humans to be scared of the unknown, of taking risks. We are so scared of starting something, so we kill our dreams in our minds before they even have time to grow. We are stuck in our paid employment answering to someone that barely made it out of school because we'd rather be safe than entrepreneurs. What if I fail? What if they laugh at me? What if I lose everything I have and everyone I love? Guess what? If all these things happen, you'll learn one more way that doesn't work and you'll try something new and altogether different. No successful person got it right every time. Failure is good! Embrace it. If you have it at the back of your mind that you might fail and you're ok with it, the hard part is over. Besides, success after many failed attempts is so much sweeter than immediate success. Well, to me sha.

So today, I dare you. Do something. Be extra. Make a mistake. Fail. Just stop being so afraid. But if you have to be afraid, be afraid to be ordinary. Ordinary sucks.


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